TDK Life on Record

TDK Life on Record Brand

TDK Life on Record is a leading global brand dedicated to delivering high-quality headphones, home audio, and recordable media products that keep up with your ever-evolving digital lifestyle.

  • TDK Life on Record Headphones and Audio Products

    TDK Life on Record headphones and audio products carry on the tradition of TDK’s rich audio legacy. We continue to evolve our audio products to provide consumers universal audio flexibility and portability in every area of their lives, all while keeping a commitment to high fidelity audio and Signature Sound.

    Our newest wireless products create an ecosystem that gives consumers high fidelity audio with universal input flexibility and portability in all areas of their lives.

    The TDK Life on Record line offers clean, striking design carefully crafted to focus on performance.

  • TDK Life on Record Recordable Media
  • TDK Life on Record is also a leading recordable media brand worldwide, preserving precious memories and important data. We offer a wide assortment recordable storage media, including optical media, magnetic tape, and accessories. We are dedicated to introducing media products that preserve your important information, memories and events.

  • History

    TDK Corporation's recordable media business was acquired by Imation Corp in 2007. Imation holds the exclusive global license for brand recordable DVD and CD media, digital camcorder tapes, professional data storage solutions, and more.

    In 2010, Imation extended its TDK Life on Record line with the addition of high-quality audio products and headphones.